real secure business communication!

You want a guaranteed untappable way to communicate with your coworkers or customers? Without any SMS charges? You want it to be fast and simple, and run within your own server environment too? With schmoose we offer you a reliable messaging app for sending encrypted messages.

our expertise in encrypted messaging

schmoose is developed by specialists from the fields of messaging security, non-stop server systems and UI design, with years of project experience. Benefit from our know-how and our professional focus on a reliable and bug-proof messenger.

Exchange short messages, images or photos between all kinds of recipients and end devices. Using end-to-end encryption – free of media breaks, uninvited guests, complications, or interruptions while moving between any desired end devices.

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schmoose is the perfect communication solution for your business.

MY.SECURITY - trust is good, schmoose is better

By operating schmoose on your own server you enhance your data security, since you can make your own decisions about the extent of your company’s security boundaries from the outside world, and what technology to use for it. No matter what you decide, your messaging privacy remains safe, since schmoose uses end-to-end encryption: All messages are encrypted and decrypted on users’ end devices.

Just take a look at our open github repository of Schmoose-BouncyCastle. Modified version of BouncyCastle. Schmoose is using it to protect your privacy.

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MY.ENVIRONMENT - make schmoose your own

In the standard case, schmoose messages are transmitted over a schmoose server. Not flexible enough for you? No problem – with our Enterprise Server Version you retain full control over the server. With it you can opt to locate a schmoose server at your own data center, or use schmoose as an SaaS solution (Software as a Service) - whatever best suits your business concept.

Another advantage: any measures you may implement to improve response times and ensure against downtime will benefit your own user group exclusively.


MY.TECH - schmoose is high tech at its finest

Whether it’s a Windows Phone 8, an Android operating system, or iPhone with iOS – schmoose is always in its element.

  • communication through REST protocol
  • securing of data connections using TLS
  • Microsoft.NET 4.5 / Mono
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer
  • likewise for Linux servers
  • non-persistent in-memory caches
  • NoSQL databases (for replication and sharding)

Schmoose is available on Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8, Android phones (version 4.0 or higher) and soon on iPhone (iOS7).

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MY.BRAND - schmoose reminds us of you

The standard option is to use schmoose with its own interface and color scheme. But you can also customize the schmoose interface (color, logo, background image) and offer your own schmoose applications with your CI at app stores or within your own organization.

The schmoose Enterprise Server Version can do even more – it allows you to couple the schmoose servers with your own applications: this makes secure and reliable confirmation of banking transactions, for example, targeted to a sole authorized recipient as easily handled as the broadcast of information to a select group of users.

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